Who would be affected?

    The council has decided to replace the existing homes at: 

    • 1 - 18 Jervis Court

    They will also demolish the former Royal British Legion Hall, and build new homes there too.

    Existing tenants will be offered the opportunity to return to one of the new homes, or to move elsewhere.

    What is proposed?

    There is a desperate need for more housing in the UK, and in Barking and Dagenham in particular.  We need more, new and affordable homes for local people.

    As one of the solutions to this problem, the council is proposing to redesign some of the areas of older housing so that they can build extra, good quality homes.

    Last year, the council asked us at Be First to consult residents about demolishing the Jervis Court flats (numbers 1-18) and replacing them with modern, new homes on the site.  Our consultation revealed strong support for the option to demolish the existing flats and replace them top quality modern homes.

    In November, the council agreed to proceed with this option.  You can see the reports and decision here (item 75).

    The go-ahead means residents have to move out of their current homes.  But, the council has guaranteed the right to return to tenants when the rebuilding is finished. 

    We will help to move residents out over the next year, and to offer alternative homes to all tenants.  

    We will buy leaseholders’ homes at full market value. 

    We will cover all the reasonable costs of moving home.

    What happens next?

    We are now drawing up plans for the new homes and consulting residents and local people about the new development. We expect to submit a planning application to the council by July 2020.

    Our staff are also working with existing residents to help them to move to a new home.

    Our guarantees to you

    If you are a resident of the homes that are affected, we make the following promise to you.

    If you are a tenant

    • we promise to work with you to find you an alternative home
    • we will arrange your move, pay your moving expenses and you will receive home-loss and disturbance payments to cover any reasonable costs
    • We will guarantee the right to return to live in one of the new homes at Jervis Court if you want - on an equivalent rent and tenancy

    If you are a resident leaseholder

    • we promise to buy your home from you at market value
    • we will offer you a chance to use your equity to buy a new home
    • we will pay your moving expenses and you will receive home-loss and disturbance payments to cover your costs

    • we will offer you the right to return to one of the new homes